It's Wedding Season!


Weddings hold a special place in my heart, and I only offer to photograph a select few each season. How unique and lucky it is to be invited to witness the union of two people. To be there as the couple's life changes in a day, to see their commitment to each other, and listen to their vows depicting such a powerful and personal human emotion: love, is an honor and a privilege. As a photographer, I feel weddings are so incredibly personal, which is why I get to know every client. We do coffee, we spend time together. I want to know everything about your wedding plans and your story of love. To photograph you in this moment requires knowing you, understanding what it is that empowers your connection to your spouse to be, and really getting it so I can capture what is most special to you...the little moments caught from a distance that aren't posed, but mean something...the pause before walking down the aisle...a second lost in each other during a whirlwind of festivities. That is what I seek for you to keep.