Be The Best.

Experience a different type of session. Easily arrive ready to go, with prior style and makeup instruction pre-provided to look your best, feel confident, book future jobs! 


For a Model by a Model.

Smile, laugh, and love your session as you are guided through each moment. Know what to expect and stay worry free. Ellysse Photography was born from roots as a former model, and as a result, you receive a coach and a photographer in one. Having been a part of the industry, worked as a model, and experienced the other side of the camera, I know the unique task of being in front of the camera. Receive coaching on posing, facial expressions, and how to work in the industry of fashion, as well as compassion and a friend throughout your session.


She has a vision and goes for it.

“Top tier photos and enjoyable to work alongside. The whole project went off without a hitch. She has a vision and goes for it. I even learned a few things!”

— H.B.