Gracie is black with 4 white feet. Her tail is all black. The left side of her neck is entirely covered in a white spot, and the right side of her neck is black. The white mask on her face has a notch on her left side of her muzzle/jowl. Her ears are all black, and her nose is all black except for a very small area of pink inside her right nostril. She has white blazes up the backs of all four feet. The top of her head has a speed stripe that would connect her facial markings to her white spot, except there is a divide of black in the stripe. She has black on the tip of her chin. Her tail is generally curled but can hang straight. When rescued, after 3 weeks and 6 days of re-feeding, she weighed 95 pounds and was 29" at the shoulder. The vet estimates her current age to be 3 years at the most, possibly younger. This would have put her age at the time of rescue to be 2 years at the most, in October 2015. The vet believes she had puppies due to the state of her belly. She is a very sweet girl and very much loved now!