A portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Orange County, CA offering a unique blend of photographic art.

How and Why I Photograph

I have been an observer by nature my entire life. My focus when taking photos is pressing the shutter during flickers of emotion which often get lost in the shuffle. I capture the quiet moments; a glance and a feeling that reflects you, as much as those filled with joy and spontaneity. My photos are styled around you and who you are as individuals.

My goal is to serve you, providing people centered photography you will treasure for years to come.

I love photography because it allows me to translate the beauty I see around me into something tangible...a photograph. It is an honor and a fun treasure hunt to visually capture everything that makes you YOU and that which makes us unique and awesome humans, from our dimples and the way we smile to our relationships with the most important people around us.

When It Comes To Fashion

In the realm of fashion and as a former model, I have an astute understanding of the experience in front of the camera. In this regard, my fortes include helping the model feel comfortable and directing new models. My focus entails shoots which result in a successful artistic adventure, and ultimately fine art that benefits both the model and the photography.


Educated under the guidance of Amy and Jordan Demos, world renowned celebrity portrait and wedding photographers.

Educated at The University of Kentucky where I majored in Psychology.

Photography Gear

I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark iii camera body, and my favorite lens, a Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens. My film cameras include a medium format Hasselblad 500CM, a Minolta 35mm, a Canon AF35ML, a Nikkor 35mm, a vintage Rollieflex, and a 1980's polaroid camera. I incorporate film photography upon request. My prior well loved cameras back in 2006 and onward included a Canon Digital Rebel, followed by my well loved Nikon D40x, both crop sensor cameras that carried me from beginner to pro.

As for lighting, most of my photography takes place using natural lighting as this is the most flattering and beautiful light source. I use reflectors, flashes, strobes and continuous cinematographic lighting when needed.