Tuckered! A Sneak Peek - Join Us On A Photo Session - Part I


Meeting the Tucker family was a treat! Katie and Aaron, their son Everett, and twins Charlotte and Ella are the sweetest. It was a truly enjoyable experience and an honor to capture these memories. We spent an afternoon in the picturesque Laguna Beach, CA for their photo session, first at the bluff, and then with the little ones frolicking in the sand on the beach.


We head down to the beach...


And shoot for 20 minutes before pausing for a short break for the littles. I turn to the kids and say "Ok! Break time! Run run run! Have fun!" Cue exploration. It never ceases to amaze me how the world is so brand new to children. They were thrilled with the waves and nearby seagulls. Below, Ella, Everett, and Charlotte show us what it means to take time and stand in awe of nature.


Back to work and Ella took flight. She is so sweet and so kind. You can't help but fall in love with her.


Charlotte looking at the horizon. She is funny and wonderful in every way. There is a whole world in those eyes.


Everett is just the cutest. Are you melting yet?


Movement in images inspires feeling and instills a sense of the moment. Every session includes some form of motion in the images. 






Stay Tuned for Part II!